Friday, January 25, 2013

Style Muse: Millie Mackintosh



Millie Mackintosh may be somewhat of an unknown for us girls who hail from the USA, but if you don't have her on your fashion radar, you should!  Millie is a regular on the UK reality television show "Made in Chelsea," which is currently airing on the Style network.  I'm not exactly sure what Millie does professionally besides appear on the show, but I do know that whatever she does, she looks great doing it!  Besides being absolutely stunningly gorgeous with flawless makeup and hair, she has a great sense of style.  I really love how she appears to dress to suit her mood as her style can range from boho to glam to indie rocker to feminine.  If you haven't yet seen "Made in Chelsea," be sure to check it out if not just to see what Millie is wearing!!!      





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