Monday, January 25, 2010

On the Hunt for Cute Comfortable Feminine Flirty Sleepwear

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, lingerie is out in full force in many of the retail stores. If you are looking for something a little less revealing this year, but still more fun and flirty than your standard sweatpants, then today is your lucky day! I've managed to locate some super cute floral sleepwear pieces that are much more practical than the sheer lacy stuff that is so commonplace these days. There is just something so romantic to me about a pretty floral print on a cami, robe, chemise, or sleep shorts that can still be sexy even without revealing a ton of skin. Check out my finds below: Betsey Johnson Intimates chiffon wrap on sale for $49.99 on; Floral pajama pants for $16.99 available on; Eyelet trim chemise on sale for $20 on; Rose pajama shorts for $5.80 available on; Kimono ankle-length floral robe for $70 available on; Gilligan & O'Malley floral pajama set for $19.99 available on; Odille patchwork bow chemise on sale for $17 on; Rose boxer shorts for $10.99 available on; Apt. 9 floral and dot satin wrap robe on sale for $19.20 on; Kimichi Blue printed bloussant button slip for $48 available on; Lounge floral short for $28 available on; Kimono knee-length floral robe for $62 available on; Floral and lace chemise for $17.99 available on

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