Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vamp Style: Outfits Inspired by Bella, Sookie, Elena, and Buffy

Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you've noticed that vampire boyfriends are all the rage these days. Like so many others, I've fallen victim to watching the recent rash of vampire movies and television shows like Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries. And if all that blood-sucking wasn't enough for me, I also recently finished watching the seven season run of the late-90s television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After all those hours in front of the television, I have concluded that these vampire storylines have an awful lot in common -- the hapless helpless albeit beautiful heroine who possesses a unique characteristic that makes her desirable to the vampire (i.e., Bella is immune to vampires' special powers; Sookie can read people's minds; Elena is a dead ringer for a two hundred year old vampire) can't choose between two incredibly handsome rivals (i.e., Edward v. Jacob; Bill v. Eric; Stefan v. Damon).

Is it too much to ask for a little creativity people? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love all of the mancandy on these shows--I've spent many a night dreaming about being the meat in a Salvatore sandwich--but that is starting to be the one and only reason I watch these shows. Is it too much to ask for a little female empowerment? A heroine that I can actually respect? Why do all of these heroines have to be so freaking weak, and depend upon their boyfriends to rescue them over and over and over again? Enter Buffy with her ass kicking moves and delightfully snappy wit, depending on no man to fight her battles. Thank you Joss Whedon for showing us that you can have yummy rival manvamps (i,e., Angel v. Spike) and still have a heroine who can take care of herself that other girls can actually appreciate. So get with the program Bella, Sookie, and Elena. Stop being so whiny and pathetic. I can't take it anymore. Either start contributing or go away so I can look at your super hot boytoys in peace!

End rant; begin fashion blog.

Since I can't seem to get enough of these vampire shows even despite my inner loathing for the pathetically dull leading ladies, I thought I'd go ahead and post some clothes and accessories inspired by these vamp-dating ladies (some are admittedly a little more inspiring than others).

Bella Swan: Grunge Girl
Bella's style is definitely the most casual of the heroines. Function over fashion seems to be her motto as she is typically seen in jeans, hoodies, and sneakers. Below: Unisex flex fleece zip hoody for $42 on; Moto knit blazer for $79.50 on; Plaid camp shirt for $34.50 on; True Religion "Billy" straight leg jeans for $196 on; "Hit the Trail" backpack for $53 on; Knit military jacket on sale for $39.99 on; Converse "Jack Purcell" CP OX sneakers for $50 on; Adirondack barn jacket on sale for $39.50 on

Sookie Stackhouse: Southern Belle
Sookie's style is the most feminine of the heroines and probably the closest to my own personal style, although she can dress almost a little too lady-like for my liking at times. She is typically seen in sun dresses and florals and on the more casual days in short shorts and lightweight tanks to counter the southern sun. Below: Silver Belles top for $37.99 on; "Atlantis" shorts by Machine Jean for $30 on; "Sookie Stackhouse" dress by Esley for $40 on; Wild Diva "Wink" espadrille wedge for $22.90 on; "Garden Trellis" dress for $38 on; "Gleaming Loops" headband for $32 on; "Courtly Love" cardigan for $29.99 on; Quilted lock across-body bag for $25.36 on

Elena Gilbert: Girl Next Door
Elena's style reminds me of that of your typical well-adjusted American high school teenager. Her style is casual like Bella's but with more feminine touches. Below: Citizens of Humanity "Ava" straight leg jean on sale for $134.99 on; Ben-Amun long pocketwatch locket necklace for $130 on; Lightweight moto jacket for $34.50 on; Ruffled racerback tank for $12.50 on; Denim jacket for $29.50 on; Free People "Daytripper" henley on sale for $47.99 on; Studded leather belt for $55 on; Distressed denim mini for $24.50 on

Buffy Summers: Sexy Slayer
Buffy's style is definitely the sexiest of the heroines. It involves a lot of leather and bare midriffs. But we have to cut her a little slack since the show was on in the late 90s when leather pants were actually trendy (yes they were, believe it or not). Below: Baby rib crop t-shirt for $18 on; Guess by Marciano "Kristie" skinny faux leather pants for $128 on; AB Studio solid sheath dress for on sale for $24.99 on; Faux leather quilted shoulder jacket for $98 on; Eve's Addiction sterling silver cross necklace for $31 on; Rich & Skinny cargo leggings for $172 on; Cotton eyelet bustier for $69 on; Michael Antonio "Otavia" boot on sale for $59.99 on

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Anonymous said...

Actually fighting doesn't make you someone people should respect. Buffy may have been fun at the time, but Buffy Sues have taken over YA fare, and its nearly impossible to find a heroine that isn't snarky, disrespectful , usually plain old rude, and way too willing to fight. Its especially irritating when they seem to want to fight the guys they like. I see nothing wrong with a human being a lot weaker then a vampire. In fact, just having lived that much longer should be enough reason to walk circles around a person. So Buffies tend to be annoying.