Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Missoni for Target: Did You Get Anything?

So did anyone manage to get anything from the Missoni for Target collection that was released last week? In case you haven't heard, everyone went bananas for this collection! Target's website was crashed for two days straight and people were lined up in the wee hours of the morning like on Black Friday waiting for the stores to open in order to snag something from the highly anticipated collection. I was on vacation in Hawaii last week but managed to convince my travel companions to swing by the Target in Kona, Hawaii around 3:00 p.m. last Tuesday (the day the collection was released). When we arrived, the entire collection was pretty much gone! A saleslady told me that people were indeed lined up that morning to shop the collection, which was particularly crazy to me since it is a fall/winter collection comprised mostly of knits that would be too heavy to wear in Hawaii! The saleslady then informed me that many people purchased items in the collection in order to resell them on ebay and that something like 5,000 items from the collection had already been posted on ebay by Tuesday afternoon! Anyway, I managed to snag what appeared to be the only two apparel items left in a size small--the sweater and dress pictured above. I really love them both and have already been wearing the cardigan.  I am thinking of wearing the dress with black platform pumps and a leather jacket this weekend.  If you weren't able to get anything from the collection last week, your best bet is to try ebay because rumor has it that the collection is pretty much sold out online and in stores. If you did manage to get something from the collection, let me know what your shopping experience was like and what you got!!

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