Thursday, November 12, 2009

5 More Things I Love Right Now

From time to time, I run across various items that become such a part of my daily life that I feel like I want to scream from the roof top, "Run out and buy this ladies, it is that wonderful." In July I posted about five of those things: Lush Cosmetics BIG Shampoo; Lucky Magazine; Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil; Banana Republic Bejeweled Orchid Hair Clip; Scott Barnes Body Bling. Click here to see that post: The following is a list of 5 more of the things that I use, wear, love, and recommend.
Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream
I've been using this glossing cream for the past few years now and thus far I have not strayed! This cream is constantly on the fashion mags' top beauty product lists so I must not be alone in loving this product. I have naturally wavy hair and use this cream right before I blow dry my hair straight. I squirt about a dime sized dollop into my palm and smooth it through my wet hair and then blow dry, followed by a quick flat iron. The result is straight shiny and very healthy looking hair that I constantly get compliments on! The 7 ounce bottle costs $27.50 and the 4 ounce bottle costs $20.00. You can purchase Frederic Fekkai products in Columbus at Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, certain Bath & Body Works, and Bigelow Chemists.

Smith's Rosebud Salve

I have tried quite a few lip salves over the years and this one is by far my favorite! The reason I love it is not necessarily for its lip-soothing qualities, but more for the way that it looks after you apply it. If my lips are in need of moisture, I usually apply a moisturizing chapstick of some sort, and then apply this salve on top. Its consistency is such that, for me, it essentially serves as a lip gloss. And because I am not a big lipstick wearer, it is all that I need before I go out the door. Unlike many lip glosses that I've tried it is not sticky in any way. I am such a huge fan of this product I remember basically freaking out a few years about when a salesperson at Sephora told me that it was not going to be produced any longer so I started stocking up on what they had left in the store! Thankfully that salesperson was misinformed and you can purchase the salve in Columbus at Sephora and Urban Outfitters.
Giles & Brother "Chaton" Pyramid Drop Earrings

I have been obsessing over these earrings by Giles & Brother for at least the past month. There is just something about their look that is so chic but slightly edgy that I love. A few weeks ago I finally caved and bought them. And as if their look isn't hot enough as is, the post portion of the earrings actually detaches, so that you can wear the hoop portion at the top by themselves. So it is like two sets of earrings in one! These earrings retail for $113 and can be purchased on

OPI "Lincoln Park After Dark" Nail Polish

Ironically enough, I first discovered this delightfully blackish plum color of nail polish while visiting one of my girlfriends in Chicago! Shortly thereafter it started popping up on all the fashion mags' top beauty product lists and it appears to be staying there as I recently spotted it on In Style's 2009 Best Beauty Buys. When I first tried the color, I remember one of the girlfriends that I was with stating that she didn't think it would look good on her because she is on the paler side. After some peer-pressure from the rest of us, she tried it and admitted that it looks great on her! So if you too are on the paler side and fear that such a dark color will look too stark on you, fear not! I now own my own bottle and bring it with me frequently to the nail salon. A bottle of the polish retails for around $7.50 and can be purchased online at or in most drugstores and nail salons here in Columbus.

Hairstyle: Two Braids + A Bun
I recently saw this hairstyle in an issue of Lucky Magazine and one morning before work I decided to give it a try. After a few attempts, I finally got it right and now this hairstyle has become a weekday staple for me, particularly on the days that I attend my kickboxing class after work. It is great because the braids keep any fly aways or longer bangs out of my face. At the same time it is sophisticated enough for the workplace while remaining girly and fun. To recreate this style, part your hair on the side. Make two small braids starting at the top of your head and secure them individually. Then take the two braids and the rest of your hair and twist it all into a bun at the nape of your neck. It should only take about 5 minutes!

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