Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Styling Your Autumn/Winter Apparel and Accessories for Work

Now that you have the ten clothing items and ten accessories that you need for the fall and winter months, it is time to get styling! Below are three work-appropriate outfits. Keep in mind that there are many other outfits that can be created using these items, so get creative!

Work Look No. 1

This look is best suited fir when you want to look polished and sophisticated for a big client meeting, for court, or otherwise. Place your blazer over your LBD, button it, and cinch your waist with your skinny belt. The result is immediate sophistication.

Work Look No. 2

This work look is a bit more casual, but still very polished and appropriate for a day at the office. Button up your white blouse and tuck it into your pencil skirt. Pull your ladylike sweater on over your white blouse. If your ladylike sweater is a cardigan consider leaving it unbuttoned and cinching it with your skinny belt, or just leaving it buttoned without the belt. Your statement necklace should go on under your blouse and sweater and should just peak out.

Work Look No. 3

You have a few options with this look as far as your feminine long-sleeve blouse goes. You can either wear it flowing over your trousers if the cut of the blouse is such that it looks good when it is not tucked in and it is an appropriate length (like this DVF blouse). Or, if you don't like the way it looks untucked, tuck it into your trousers and run your skinny belt through the belt loops of your trousers. The boots should go under your trousers. If you have opted for a pair of flat tall boots instead of boots with a heel, swap out the boots altogether and wear your pumps.

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