Monday, November 2, 2009

Trend Alert: Denim and Leather Combo Jackets

Many celebs have recently been spotted wearing a denim and leather jacket by Alexander Wang pictured above on Blake Lively, Rhianna, and Christina Milian. This jacket is definitely on trend this winter in keeping with the whole rocker vibe, but the denim adds a somewhat unexpected touch. What do you think of the denim and leather combo? Chic or cheap-looking? Unfortunately, the Alexander Wang jacket retails at a hefty $595 (it can be purchased on If you are digging this jacket but can't afford the price tag, fear not as I have located a cheaper version for only $138 at Urban Outfitters (see Silence and Noise "Rally" jacket below).


gbrehl said...

This trend is super gross and looks ultra cheap. Why do we keep giving credit to designers for coming up with stuff that's already been done and was bad the first go round? Are we that uncreative that we can't come up with new unique looks? This is trash and that's where it belongs.

Sabrina said...

Sooo, I'm guessing that you aren't liking this trend G? Ha!!!