Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Trend: Cat Eye Glasses

One of the quirkier and more obscure fall/winter trends to emerge on the AW2010 runways were cat eye glasses. The cat-eye style is a throw back to the 50s and 60s and was typically paired on the runways with a feminine skirt as seen above at Prada, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Nina Ricci). When choosing a pair of glasses or sunglasses you have to be mindful that the shape suits your face, so this style may not be for everyone. Typically, you should chose a pair that is the opposite of your face shape, so square or rectangular glasses look good on someone with a round face and vice versa. Cat-eye glasses look best on someone with a narrow forehead and a larger jawline because they tend to emphasize and enlarge the upper part of your face. If you are liking this retro style and think the shape may suit you, below are some options to consider: Club Monaco cat eye sunglasses on sale for $29.97 on; 80s "Hot Tip" cat eye sunglasses for $10 on; Jee Vice cat eye sunglasses for $265 on; Marc by Marc Jacobs modified cat eye sunglasses for $98 on; Damel cat eye sunglasses for $16 on; Ray Ban oversized cat eye sunglasses for $135 on; Tory Burch cat eye sunglasses for $150 on; Nicole Miller "Etoile" cat eye glasses for $120.10 on; Ralph Lauren cat eye sunglasses for $250 on; Kensie "Portia" cat eye sunglasses for $50 on


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